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How To Make Simple Logos With Microsoft PowerPoint: 10 Steps

Logos can often be a daunting task to create, however there are many ways to make professional logos relatively easy. I like to use PowerPoint to make quick and easy logos that look professionally designed.

Step One: Open Power Point and make a text box

Step Two: Type your logo text. From this step I like to copy and paste the text so that as I modify one I can still see where I started.

Step Three: Choose a font you like

**Tip if you don't find a font that you like you can search and download from thousands of different fonts online**

Step Four: Copy and paste the text so that there is a separate text box for each word in your logo. Then delete the extra words so that each box only has one word.

Step Five: At this point it is a good Idea to make the font size as big as you can for better quality. You can also choose to make some words a different size.

Step Six: Arrange the text to your desired look.

**Tip if you cannot get the text to perfectly align the way you wish you can use the size and position and adjust the position by a .10 in at a time.**

Step Seven: Now you can change colors of each word or letter to fit your style.

Step Eight: Add custom features. Once you have the color, size and arrangement you can add a custom feature. This may be adding a graphic, line or shape, or changing the look of a letter. I chose to change the "i" in Wix to stand out.

  • First I made a rectangle over the "i" to match the lower part of the "i"

  • Next I adjusted the size and position to make the rectangle the exact same size of the lower part of the "i". and changed the color to match.

  • Next Delete the original "i" and ad a space so that the word is completed with your new "i" base.

  • Now I want to make a custom dot for the top of the "i". I chose to add a parallelogram to replace the dot. Using the size and position tool I changed the dot to fit perfectly and then changed the color to fit my style.

  • Next I copied and pasted my new "i" and replaced the other "i" in Trix with the new "i"

  • Now that I have changed the "i"s I noticed that the "i" in Trix was too close to the "W" in Wix. I chose to capitalize the X in both words to add spacing and give it a unique look.

Step Nine: Now that the base of the logo is created you can either accept it as it is or add more details, shapes, lines or anything else to fit your style. You can also add background using the rectangle tool and choose your preferred color. I chose to stop here.

Here is what it looks like to add a background.

Step Ten: Save your new logo.

  • Select all of the elements of your logo and group them together.

Now select the logo and right click. Select "save as picture". To save your picture with a transparent background, save it as a PNG.

  • IF you want to add a background, insert a rectangle and arrange it to the back and make the rectangle cover the logo entirely. Now change the color and make sure the text boxes are within this back ground. Group all of the elements and save picture as a jpeg or gif file.

Now enjoy and use your new logo as needed.

There are unlimited possibilities when creating your own logo. Be sure to make your logo easy to read.

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