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How To Make Simple Logos With Microsoft PowerPoint: 10 Steps

Logos can often be a daunting task to create, however there are many ways to make professional logos relatively easy. I like to use PowerPoint to make quick and easy logos that look professionally designed.

Step One: Open Power Point and make a text box

Step Two: Type your logo text. From this step I like to copy and paste the text so that as I modify one I can still see where I started.

Step Three: Choose a font you like

**Tip if you don't find a font that you like you can search and download from thousands of different fonts online**

Step Four: Copy and paste the text so that there is a separate text box for each word in your logo. Then delete the extra words so that each box only has one word.

Step Five: At this point it is a good Idea to make the font size as big as you can for better quality. You can also choose to make some words a different size.

Step Six: Arrange the text to your desired look.

**Tip if you cannot get the text to perfectly align the way you wish you can use the size and position and adjust the position by a .10 in at a time.**

Step Seven: Now you can change colors of each word or letter to fit your style.