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4 Awesome Wix Apps To Help You Engage With Your Visitors!

Wix is a living platform. Wix is constantly adapting, upgrading and improving to make the user experience nearly flawless. I personally prefer Wix because it offers a unlimited level of design for professional while also creating a simple platform that anyone can use. Today's post is about a few features that are very useful for any website. Over the next few weeks I am going to highlight a few features that can help make your website stand out and become interactive. Check out these great apps and send me a message if you need any help.

Today I want to start off with a few user friendly features to help make your website more informative and easier to engage with your visitors.

#1 Wix FAQ App This feature allows you to create an attractive and easy to read frequently asked questions section. This app comes in a variety of layouts and is fully customizable. You can also add categories, videos and images to help answer your customers questions. Best of all this app is now free.


#2: Comments App Wix offers a few options for adding comments to your site. First you can add Facebook comments from your Facebook page. Facebook comments allow users to get engaged and integrate on social media where they can share, tag and reply to comments. Next Wix offers a couple comments app. These app allows you to add a comments section to the bottom of any article, image, page or any other section in your site. Users can leave comments, suggestions, opinions and even reviews. This app is fully customizable and social media integrated. Users can post using facebook, twitter, google and other social media channels. Another amazing feature is the SEO integration so search engines can find comment information in search results. Check this app and use it for free.

Wix Comments App

#3: Wix Chat This awesome app allows your customers to instantly send messages directly to you. This app can be used on your desktop or your mobile device. Another cool feature lets you know when customers purchase products or book appointments. This is an easy free way to be more involved with your customers.

Wix Chat

#4: Wix Get Subscribers This app allows visitors to easily subscribe to your mailing list automatically. Easily add a subscribe form, and send emails and updates to your subscribers. Create automatic welcome messages. Most importantly this app is fully customizable to fit your image and design. check this app out and start building your subscriber list.

Wix Get Subscribers

These are 4 great apps to help you engage with your visitors. Stay tuned next week for 4 more amazing apps to set your website above the rest. Please subscribe below and feel free to send me any questions.

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