Why Wix?

In the ever-demanding role of business ownership or management the last thing you need on your plate is designing a website on your own. Wix Trix Designs is here to help lift the weight off your shoulders. Wix Trix can design custom websites to fit nearly any application. Wix Trix also offers training and consulting.


We use the Wix platform, which offers a user-friendly platform that allows professionals and novice designers to create one of a kind websites.  The Wix Platform also allows us to easily train anyone to create or modify their website with easy to understand steps. Wix offers thousands of design templates, however, most people don't know that you can design your very own unique template. This process can be done by Wix Trix Designs or we can walk you through the steps. once the template is created editing and modifying information is very simple. Wix has become an essential tool for any business looking for easy and professional web design solutions.

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About Me: Jonathan Jobe

I have been designing and developing websites for the past 20 years. I like to use the Wix platform so I can offer training to my clients if they wish to make changes on their own. I am also a digital marketing expert with over 12 years of successful campaigns. I can offer help in many different areas from email campaigns to online advertising.


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